The Leucian Silk Tradition

San Leucio and its monumental complex, located therabout the Royal Palace of Caserta, in the last years of XVIII century became a center for silk manufacturing, as the will of the Bourbon King Ferdinand IV.

The institution of the ROYAL SILK COLONY OF SAN LEUCIO, where the best italian and french craftsmen work together, started up the development of a real art form of silkworking and a tradition that still lives today.

Modern looms, product of technologic development, continue to weave precious threads and to vitalize superb textile fabrics, in order to preserve the past of the Bourbon colony..

Leucian artefacts, both for their value and uniqueness, are famous all over the world and conquered both the western and the eastern markets , becoming the point of reference for furnishing of prestigious interiors.

Manor- houses, private and institutional palaces, theatres, embassies, luxury hotels and ships, are furnished and decorated with the worthy Leucian textile fabrics.

Annamaria Alois, inheritress of this ancient silk tradition, proposes today a classical interpretation of interior design.

The same precious damasks and lampas that adorned lush and royal houses, are innovated in the textiles employed for charming interior furnishing, designed in an exclusive style and handmade by clever artisans.

This mix of classic and modern styles has been successful all over the world.

Now the collection has been riched with the introduction of refined embroidered linens and ceramics handpainted by Vietri’s and Capodimonte’s artists.